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Humor in RPG format

      If you've ever visited an online RPG site before, eventually you'd realize that it can become rather boring if no one is running a scene for you to join. However, there are a few ways to combat such boredom, and by far the most popular is cyber-sex.

      Now, I'm not one to encourage this behaviour, even though I freely admit to my regular participation in the past. In fact, I now strongly believe that cyber-sex and RPG are mutually exclusive in their benefits and uses, and they most certainly do not go together. However, this was long before I learned the awful lesson of the stupidity of online sex in an RPG site. So, with that being said, I do admit that on occasion it has turned out to contain many opportunities for hilarity.

      This one fine example involved a Verbena witch named Dru (with a Russian last name that I forget) and what appeared to be a changeling cat pooka girl who was currently in her kitty form. Both were caught in a sex scene by some kind of police raid, as they were apparently having sex in a secluded, yet still public, park area. The pooka had been giving Dru a serious vaginal licking and had then placed her entire head into the opening just as the "law" arrived upon the scene to break it up.

      Dru and the others began to run out of there quickly in an effort to avoid the obvious penalties that would await them if they were caught. What no one but a few noticed was that the pooka girl's head was still firmly lodged into the fleeing Verbena's crotch.

      I can still imagine a crazed witch woman running, naked below the waist, with a cat's tiny body swinging precariously between her legs!

      After we sorted out the entire scene, there was a great deal of censuring from the chat administrators involved, but we all had a great laugh at the whole affair. I hear that both players involved were summarily banned from the chat, which is sad, because I think we could have had a lot more fun with those two. The Verbena player was a true drama-queen-bitch, so you know there would be plenty of opportunities to screen-capture her "adventures".

      I later learned that both players were more than likely a couple of guys who liked playing female characters for the purposes of sex scenes, such as the one I just shared.

      Ah, life. Full of silliness.

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